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Blood Testing Lab Preventive Health Check up Healthcareontime introduces Preventive Health Checkup at home (from THYROCARE Technologies Limited) Comprehensive Health checkup with Blood Tests. This offer is valid across India with FREE Home service at affordable cost. Preventive Health check up at Home is a unique concept where in patient need not visit any centre for medical checkup. Instead Technician would visit patients place to collect Blood samples. These samples would be then taken to LAB for investigation & final reports would be Emailed & couriered to Patients address. So now anybody can undergo for preventive health checkup without wasting time to visit nearby Pathology centre. Also no need to stand in queue for checkup. Why Preventive Health Check up tests are required ? With growing stress levels at work, competition, frequently eating out, fast food syndrome there is also a steady growth of lifestyle related diseases like heart problems, diabetes and cancers all of which if not checked in time would lead to delirious consequences. In times of very expensive hospital care and treatment in general, it is wiser to focus on prevention of any disease at all or at least intervention at the early stages of the disease. Who should avail Preventive Health Check up ? Medical Check up can be availed by anyone who believes in prevention is better than cure. Nevertheless we suggest if you 1. Are above the age of 30 years 2. Are leading a stressed life 3. Frequently eat out (more than twice a week) 4. Have no time to exercise (sedentary lifestyle) 5. Do not get adequate rest This is right time for you to go for this Medical Check up. Health check up Packages There are various Health check up Packages available in market but we provide very unique with Vitamin Tests. Now a days most of the Doctors recommend to go for Vitamin D & B12 Tests. We have included both in our package. Below are the distinct Health check up Packages available. Select any one as per your need. Health camp Pathology Tests Diabetic Check up Thyroid Check up Heart Check up Health check up centres Liver & Kidney Check up Hypertension Check up Executive Health Check up Frequently Asked Questions Testimonials. Basic Health Check up "Prevention is better than cure", "A stitch in time saves nine" are well known adages. Today more emphasis is given on prevention of disease and promoting health awareness. In past some years there has been explosion in in knowledge about the causes and prevention of disease, which really made possible to detect many disease in early stages. Basic health check up can detect such silent illness at early stage thereby helping an individual, to take up preventive or curative measures to lead healthy life. Gone are those days when a laboratory was mostly visited by sick patients. Now a days people can go to laboratory and get themselves screened for general health checkup. With advanced tests & technologies, clinical laboratories can help in identifying various disorders accurately which can be treated completely or at least the progress can be delayed. Basic Health check up covers below Tests + Diabetic screen + Lipid Profile + Liver Profile + Renal Profile + Iron Deficiency Profile + Thyroid Profile + CBC / Hemogram + Vitamin Tests Basic Health check up Packages

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